Monday, August 22, 2011

Most of the family is on a cruise to the Bahamas

Mama and I are pretty much on our own for the week because two of my brothers, their wives, my niece and her son drove to Florida on Saturday and boarded a cruise ship, destination Bahamas. We don't know where else they will stop in between. I know that a hurricane is brewing out there and I hope my family and all the others have safe travels.

I was sorry to hear today that Nick Ashford has died of throat cancer at age 70. RIP Mr. Ashford. I really loved the music he and Valerie Simpson made together and the wonderful songs they wrote for countless others.

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Until next time, peace.

~~Leigh McKnight aka Minnie Dix~~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mama's Birthday is this week. She and I spent some time outside today

Hello All,

Just dropping in for a moment to say that after bathing and feeding Mama this morning, she and I spent a little time out on the front porch. Again, she enjoyed watching cars leaving and coming into the neighborhood.

When we returned into the house and I got her settled into her bed and gave her something to drink, I began to do some work on a manuscript, The Storm Within. It is a short story and the first draft is completed. Right now, I am just going over it and editing it some more. Tomorrow, I intend to get back on the Alzheimer's book.

Mama will be having a birthday on Friday. I don't know what we are going to do for her yet, but something special will definitely be planned.

My nephew left Monday night for Australia to perform with his group and we wish him and the guys well. Until next time, be blessed.


~~Leigh McKnight aka Minnie Dix