Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ebooks are now on three additional sites

Hey Y'all,

Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that not only can you get my ebooks; Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses, Looking For Mr. Tonight and Satisfying The Woman In Me, from my website, but they are also on, and Many thanks to those of you who have ordered my books and to you who will get your copies. They will not disappoint you. Great reading.

Until next time, I remain your author,

~Leigh Mcknight
Minnie Dix

Mama and Daddy's birthdays in August

Hello All,

Mama and Daddy had birthdays during the month of August along with a number of other family members. Mama's birthday was August 5 and Daddy's was August 15. Daddy passed away in 2004 but we still remember his birthday every year.

Blessings to you all.

!Minnie and Leigh

Mama's 6 month check-up was G R E A T

Hello All,

Hope you guys are well. We are fine here. Mama has her 6 month check-up on Monday and she is doing so well. We are all so grateful that Mama is doing so well. Her doctor said with all that she's been through the last 20 years, she is doing remarkably well and that we should keep up the good work. We will also keep trusting in the good Lord.

Take care and until the next time, Mama and I are sending our love to you.

~Minnie aka Leigh

Sister from ATL visits Mama and I and she removed a shard of glass from my foot

Hello Everyone,

Just stopping in to say hello and hope that you all are well. Mama and I are doing well.

My sister from Atlanta came for a visit last week and Mama and I so enjoyed having her here. She did the most endearing thing for me. I had a small shard of glass in my foot that had been there for years. She saw that I was having problems with my foot. We got the peroxide, alcohol, tweezers, cotton balls, a towel and a needle. She had me to put my foot in her lap and she sterlized that needle, had me to put my feet in her lap and she was able to remove that piece of glass from my foot and I have not had a problem with that foot since that time. What a truly great sister she is and I was so grateful of the care she gave my foot.

Well, that is it for this time. To all of you, Mama and I hope you will stay well and God bless.

~Minnie aka Leigh

Monday, October 3, 2011

My ebooks are now on 3 more sites

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well. Mama and I are doing great. She stayed awake most of last night but slept most of the day. I guess we will be up again Oh well, I am no longer employed so her time is my time.

Stopping in today to inform you that my ebooks, Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses, Looking For Mr. Tonight and Satisfying The Woman In Me are now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble -- b&n/pubit and Smashwords. I certainly appreciate your past support. Please continue to support and have your friends come along.


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