Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sold Out Book signing at Book A Million at Concord Mills North Carolina

Hello Again!

I did a book signing at Concord Mills Books A Million in North Carolina on Saturday and fortunately, we sold out. When I signed my last two books, From My Front Porch & Sinners Never Sleep, there were still others around the table who wanted to buy books from me. I am so appreciative of all the love that was shows me in North Carolina and I will be calling as the manager requested to do another signing real soon.

So often I have had to cancel book signing events because of Mama's illness but God is good. He allows me to do well every time I am able to do an event and I am truly grateful. And, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you who love and support me. Thank you and I love you all right back.

Blessings to you all.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank you for buying my books, From My Front Porch & Sinners Never Sleep;please continue to do so.

Hello All,

I want to thank all of you who bought my books, From My Front Porch & the sequel, Sinners Never Sleep. I also want to express my sincere appreciation of the fact that you come out in large numbers and support me at my book signing events. My book signing event at Village at Sandhill, Books A Million this past Saturday went very well. Thank you all so much for all the love you continue to show me. I appreciate you supporting me this way and since I ain't too proud to beg(lol), I am asking you to please continue to do so and have your friends and family members to do so as well.

Take good care of yourself until we communicate again. Please check out my site, and continue to follow my blog and twitter. I love you all.



Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mama and I are relaxing on this wonderful Sunday Afternoon

Hello Everyone,

It's one of those beautiful, lazy Sunday afternoon. Mama is keeping herself entertained and in between relaxing in my recliner, I am posting stuff on the computer. Gotta love this Sunday. What are you doing? Looking forward to my book signing in Books A Million, Sandhill Shopping area, Columbia this upcoming Saturday. Hope to see some of you there. Enjoy your family and your day!



Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mama is fiesty but book signings are going great

Hello, hello, hello,

I hope you all are well. Mama and I are great when she isn't fighting or just being fiesty. Whatever, she is still the love of her children's lives. It is time for me to put her to bed for the night but wanted to tell you all how well my book signing went today. I did a signing at Books A Million, Northwoods Mall in North Charleston and it went extremely well. The store is having their major book sales this and next week and they asked me to come back this coming weekend but no can do because I have something else scheduled. I graciously thanked them for being so generous to me, allowing or asking me to come in to their store so regularly to do signings. The stores are great to me and I appreciate it so much.

Good night all. I'm putting Mama to bed and I think I'm gonna put myself to bed as well. Thank a thousand times over for all your support of me. I love you all.