Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ebooks are now on three additional sites

Hey Y'all,

Hope everyone is well. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that not only can you get my ebooks; Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses, Looking For Mr. Tonight and Satisfying The Woman In Me, from my website, but they are also on, and Many thanks to those of you who have ordered my books and to you who will get your copies. They will not disappoint you. Great reading.

Until next time, I remain your author,

~Leigh Mcknight
Minnie Dix

Mama and Daddy's birthdays in August

Hello All,

Mama and Daddy had birthdays during the month of August along with a number of other family members. Mama's birthday was August 5 and Daddy's was August 15. Daddy passed away in 2004 but we still remember his birthday every year.

Blessings to you all.

!Minnie and Leigh

Mama's 6 month check-up was G R E A T

Hello All,

Hope you guys are well. We are fine here. Mama has her 6 month check-up on Monday and she is doing so well. We are all so grateful that Mama is doing so well. Her doctor said with all that she's been through the last 20 years, she is doing remarkably well and that we should keep up the good work. We will also keep trusting in the good Lord.

Take care and until the next time, Mama and I are sending our love to you.

~Minnie aka Leigh

Sister from ATL visits Mama and I and she removed a shard of glass from my foot

Hello Everyone,

Just stopping in to say hello and hope that you all are well. Mama and I are doing well.

My sister from Atlanta came for a visit last week and Mama and I so enjoyed having her here. She did the most endearing thing for me. I had a small shard of glass in my foot that had been there for years. She saw that I was having problems with my foot. We got the peroxide, alcohol, tweezers, cotton balls, a towel and a needle. She had me to put my foot in her lap and she sterlized that needle, had me to put my feet in her lap and she was able to remove that piece of glass from my foot and I have not had a problem with that foot since that time. What a truly great sister she is and I was so grateful of the care she gave my foot.

Well, that is it for this time. To all of you, Mama and I hope you will stay well and God bless.

~Minnie aka Leigh

Monday, October 3, 2011

My ebooks are now on 3 more sites

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well. Mama and I are doing great. She stayed awake most of last night but slept most of the day. I guess we will be up again Oh well, I am no longer employed so her time is my time.

Stopping in today to inform you that my ebooks, Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses, Looking For Mr. Tonight and Satisfying The Woman In Me are now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble -- b&n/pubit and Smashwords. I certainly appreciate your past support. Please continue to support and have your friends come along.


Minnie Dix aks Leigh McKnight

Friday, September 16, 2011

Next Year's family Reunion in Myrtle Beach

Hello Guys,

It's been a minute since I last posted a blog. I have been spending a lot of time with Mama and have been jotting down ideas for books, short stories, etc.

My family just celebrated another wonderful family reunion a couple of weeks ago. Mama nor I attended this year but, God's willing, we will be in Myrtle Beach with the family next year.

I heard they had a wonderful banquet, including games, recognitions/accomplishments, fashion show and a talent show and I was told that it went extremely well.

Well not much to day this time but hopefully it won't be long before I will be out here communicating with you again soon. Much love to you all from Mama and I.

Peace and Love!

~Minnie aka Leigh~

Monday, August 22, 2011

Most of the family is on a cruise to the Bahamas

Mama and I are pretty much on our own for the week because two of my brothers, their wives, my niece and her son drove to Florida on Saturday and boarded a cruise ship, destination Bahamas. We don't know where else they will stop in between. I know that a hurricane is brewing out there and I hope my family and all the others have safe travels.

I was sorry to hear today that Nick Ashford has died of throat cancer at age 70. RIP Mr. Ashford. I really loved the music he and Valerie Simpson made together and the wonderful songs they wrote for countless others.

Please don't forget to check out my website for a bunch of great books; children, novels, romance and humor.

Until next time, peace.

~~Leigh McKnight aka Minnie Dix~~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mama's Birthday is this week. She and I spent some time outside today

Hello All,

Just dropping in for a moment to say that after bathing and feeding Mama this morning, she and I spent a little time out on the front porch. Again, she enjoyed watching cars leaving and coming into the neighborhood.

When we returned into the house and I got her settled into her bed and gave her something to drink, I began to do some work on a manuscript, The Storm Within. It is a short story and the first draft is completed. Right now, I am just going over it and editing it some more. Tomorrow, I intend to get back on the Alzheimer's book.

Mama will be having a birthday on Friday. I don't know what we are going to do for her yet, but something special will definitely be planned.

My nephew left Monday night for Australia to perform with his group and we wish him and the guys well. Until next time, be blessed.


~~Leigh McKnight aka Minnie Dix

Friday, July 29, 2011

Nephew and group leaving USA for Australia next week

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well with you. Mama and I are great. Well, my new site is up and running and we have had a number of people to visit the site and order books. I encourage you to visit the site regularly, browse, order books and invite your friends and relatives to join you.

My nephew, Masta Killa, from Wu-Tang Clan was just on a tour of parts of Europe. That tour lasted a month and a half. He will be leaving next week for Australia and I would like all of you to wish he and the group safe travels.

Don't forget to visit my site at Thanx.


Minnie Dix aka Leigh McKnight

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Leigh McKnight's Fanpage was launched 7/9/11

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well. Mama and I are great. Just wanted to inform you that as of July 9, 2011, my new site/fanpage was launched. I am asking you to visit the site at and bring your family and friends along and see what I am up to. Please browse through the pages, check out the excerpts and order or download some of the fabulous e-books. Please look for the following titles from my children's book collection; The Oak Trees That Talk(1 book for each season). This is a collection of character education books and Belcher, the 10th Reindeer. For the romance in you, you can order in paperback as well as the e-book, Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses. We have got a little humor in 150 Reasons Why I Can't Serve On Jury Duty and for some great fiction, From My Front Porch and the sequel, Sinners Never Sleep, both in paperback. The new ebooks are Looking For Mr. Tonight and Satisfying The Woman In Me.

We will have other new e-books coming soon; such as A Day In Paradise, Part I and II and The Storm Within. Please check us out for your reading and entertainment enjoyment.

Until we talk again, blessings.

~Minnie aka Leigh

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Launching new site with great books and no shipping charges on limited basis

Anticipation, anticipation, but not long now. New site will be coming soon I promise. My webdesigner, Yvette Adams is great at it. She is checking and double checking and perfecting everything about the site and when it's done, it will be wonderful. Look out for great books from several genres: children, humor, fiction, romance and three new e-books. It's been a while since my site has been out there, but you will be happy and pleased with its arrival. Please go to my new site at and check it out.

Next time, blessings.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Launching new website today

The day has come; my new webdesigner is going to launch my new site today. We've got and will be featuring books of several genres; children, humor, fiction, romance and e-books. I am very excited and I would like for all of you to visit my site, browse, enjoy the excerpts and hey order or download some books. You and I will be extremely that you did..LOL New site is

Until next time, blessings.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Taking care of Mama

Good morning all,

Hope you are well and blessed!

Mama and I are great! As you may or may not know, Mama is in her hospital bed so taking care of her and changing her bed is so much easier. This morning when I pulled her bed away from the wall to change her bed, she turned and looked me in the eye and asked, "Way you taking me?" I haven't gotten used to the way she now talks, but hey, Mama talks and I am grateful. And, she can make me laugh. She is just my little comedienne.

Later when I sat at the computer to do some work, I pushed out a great big sneeze. Mama heard and said, "J-E-S-U-S." I guess I disturbed her peace and quiet, LOL!

Stay well and cool my friends and blessings to you always.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Working on short story called The Storm Within

Hello Again,

Mama and I hope you are well. I am working on a short story today that is entitled, The Storm Within. Hopefully, I can make it available to you all very soon. I would love to know what's going on in your life. Whatever it is, I hope it has a bit of a challenge, it is enjoyable, fun and is exactly what you want to be doing. We've got one life. Let's live it to the fullest, doing the wonderful things that we find pleasing.

And, as usual, until the next time, many blessings to you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet Potato Pies

I made some sweet potato pies a few days ago and they were delicious. The only problem is that I am eating too much of it. I am trying to fit into a size 14 dress for my nephew's upcoming wedding(July 2nd) but the dress doesn't fit very good. I refuse to get a size 16. Or, maybe I should since I am certain that this dress is cut really small, ha ha ha!

Next time folks!


YAY website will be launched any day now

Hello All,

I hope all you fathers as well as mothers who have taken on the role of mothers and fathers, had a very Happy Father's Day today. Mama, my brothers and I went to the cemetery and visited my Dad and two oldest brothers. It was quite emotional, but as a family, we got through it together.

I'm a very excited camper today. My website is looking great. Can't wait for us to launch and it looks as though it going to be really soon. Look out for us.

Until we talk again, blessings!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Book Signing at BooksAMillion in Charleston today

Hello Out There,

Hope all is well. Well, I went to Charleston again today and did a book event at Books A Million. I continued to be received really well, meeting a lot of people and selling a lot of books. Thanks to everyone who supported me.

Yes, yes, yes, everyone as promised, the new website is coming. I will post it on FB and send emails out to notify you when it will be available. We are going to be launching three ebooks; Champagne Dreams & Chocolate Kisses(five short romantic stories), Looking For Mr tonight (fictional novel) and Satisfying The Woman In Me(fictional novel. It's taking a while but I can assure you, it's going to be worth your wait.

Until next time, blessings.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mama singing dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are well. My sister is visiting from ATL and it is great. Just don't know what Mama and I are going to do when she leaves in July. She is staying the entire month of June and we are loving it.

We were feeding Mama this morning and Mama was singing dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb and we looked at each other and laughing we were wondering whether Mama was really talking about us. We will never know but it was so funny.

More Mama updates later. Please keep visiting. Thanks.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Sister is visiting from ATL entire month of June and into July...YAY!!!

This is such a great month for Mama and I. My sister is visiting from ATL this month and we are having such fun; playing Scrabble (I even got closer to winning this time but still no cigar), eating homemade sweet potato pie,talking and laughing and having a really good relaxed time. It is not often my sister can spend this amount of quality time with us, but we certainly are enjoying this time together.

We also watched the Mavs beat the Heat(Her for the Heat, me the Mavs this year) I have never chosen the Mavs as my team prior to this year but since My Celtics were defeated, then the Thunder, the Mavs got my vote and they won. Congratulations to the Mavs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Procedure done today where anesthesiologist administered Propofol

Hello Everyone,

I know, it's been a minute but here I am. Not much to say today except that I had a procedure today where the anesthesiologist administered the drug, Propofol. I looked him in the eye and asked, "have you ever heard of Michael Jackson?"
He laughed and said, "Yes."
"Well, I don't want to end up like that," I said, only I wasn't laughing. Anyway in addition to them taking really good care of me and waking me up without any problems, I had about a half hour of the best sleep.

Let me back up a moment. The day before the procedure, I met with this doctor for the first time. I sat across from him at his desk and again, I looked this doctor in his eyes and I told him to please not let me die, that I had an elderly Mama that I have to take care of. He assured me there would not be a problem. Thank God, I'm alive. Well, until next time, good night all.



Monday, May 30, 2011

Edited novels this past week, is spending Memorial Day with family & Friends

Hello Out There.

I worked on manuscripts last week, submitted material to my agent, worked with web-designer in finalizing website all of which was fun and enjoyable. Today, Memorial Day, Mama and I intend to continue to enjoy family and friends. Mama had an upset stomach this morning. All three of my brothers came over and sat with us for several hours. Mama appears to be doing better--she is keeping food on her stomach now. Thank God!!!

I intend to look after Mama and spend the rest of the day enjoying whoever comes by. My sister will be coming here from ATL on Thursday. That is gonna be g-r-e-a-t!
Until next time, peace and blessings to you all.


A Partly Cloudy Memorial Day

Hello Again,

I hope you and your family are enjoying this Memorial Day. I am grateful for the veterans including two of my brothers and all other branches of military services for their willingness to serve in this country as well as abroad. Because they gave so much and served so well, we are able to celebrate our freedoms. I thank them one and all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

American Idol

Glad Scotty is the next American Idol but I can't quite understand why Beyonce' chose to sing, 'Make Love To Me' at that venue. While I think Beyonce' is a very talented woman, I also think she should take that type of song to the award shows or Vegas. I'm not hating on the lady but there were a lot of youngsters in the audience. I am going back to my work. Trying to work on my Alzheimer's book about Mama and I. Next time you all.



The New American Idol and The Real Housewives of N Y

Hello Everyone,

Mama and I are well and we hope you are. Last night we watched American Idol and it was great to see Scotty win. That young man is going to sell some records. Tho, all of the thirteen finalists on American Idol are going to have awesome careers. I wish tham all well.

Tonight, in between work, I am watching The Real Housewives of New York. Lord, I just don't know who died and left any of them the leader of the pack. They are so full of themselves, but they make me laugh. They all have issues and need a therapist. Just saying, LOL.

Got to run. Until next time, many blessings to you.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Fish lunch with baby brother, Robert

Hello dear friends,

Today was another terrific day but as always it is great when my baby brother comes by with food. Today he brought fish sandwiches and lemonade for us. We had a nice meal, conversation and we watched tv.

Blessings to you all!

Book Signing/BooksAMillion/Saturday/Florence, SC

Hello Everyone,

I will be doing a book signing tomorrow, Saturday, May 7, 2011, from 2 - 6pm, at Books A Million in Florence, S.C. Come out and check out From My Front Porch, the sequel, Sinners Never Sleep and moi. It will be great to see you. Take care and be blessed.



Thursday, May 5, 2011

IDOL Dumps Jacob

Hello my friends,

Hope you are all doing really well. Mama and I are great.

Well, Jacob is no longer on American Idol. It appears America didn't vote for him as we did for some of the other contestants because his not being there now has nothing to do with his talend. That young man is very talented. Don't worry Jacob, better days are coming.


~Leigh new website is coming

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I am.

This note is to remind you that my new website will be coming soon. You'll be able to communicate with me and see what I'm up to. Another great feature is that you'll be able to view my books on my website and order if you'd like to. I'll have a number of genres; children books, humor, short romantic stories and novels. So please check back from time to time and check me out.

Continue to stay blessed and we will talk again soon.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fan loves my work

Hello out there,

I hope that you all are well and really blessed. I am.

I got a call from someone who purchased my books, From My Front Porch and the sequyel, Sinners Never Sleep and she told me how much she loves the books. In fact, she said she loves them so much that she would like the story to continue. What do you think. I am thinking about it tho not making any promises.

Well, my team, the Celtics lost a second game to the Heat tonight. Hope the Celtics get it together for the next four games in Boston.

I was also really proud to know that Derrick Rose, a 22 year old Bulls player is the youngest MVP in NBA's history. Congrats to Derrick Rose on his accomplishments.

Until next time, be blessed!


Monday, May 2, 2011


Hello you all,

How are all you sports fans. I was so disappointed yesterday when my favorite team, The Boston Celtics lost their first game in the second round, to The Miami Heat. And, just why was Paul Pierce thrown out of the game. The ref should know that I was none too pleased with that move and I hope he minds himself next time. Altho disappointed with the first game, I am still hopeful. Come on Boston Celtics and let's get four wins. You can do it.

Until next time boys and girls, I remain,


New neighbors in the neighborhood

Happy Monday to you all,

For years, we've had the same neighbors but recently they have built five new houses in my neighborhood and three of them are now occupied. The neighbor next door came over this morning and we had coffee together. She talked about making strawberry and peach perserves and later, she will make fig perserves. I have a uge fig tree in Mama and my back yard that bears lots of figs each year. My neighbor planted two which I am certain will bear fruit in years to come. She intends to share the perserves with me. I thought that was nice of her.

Well Osama Bin Laden is dead, and no Americans were harm. That was a well executed plan to go into that mansion in Pakistan, take care of Bin Laden and dispose of his remains. It's just good to know that he can't hurt anyone else.

Just put Mama to bed for the night and it's time for me to do the same, of course after I watch Jerry Springer. That's my comic relief. Until next time, take care and God bless.


Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Hello All,

Hope everyone is well. For the past few months, we have been inundated with news about the Royal Wedding, William and Kate. Indeed it was a gorgeous wedding, one I'm sure every little girl wishes she could have one day. The couple appear to have a real genuine love for each other. I hope that is the case and that their feelings for each other last forever. I believe they deserve it. What I hope also is that the media not haunt them and allow them to live their lives and enjoy their family and friends in peace.

I didn't wake at 4am to see the wedding, but have seen a number of repeats. However, I did see, at the time it happened when William kissed Kate, his new bride, from the terrace(twice). It was beautiful and costly, but now back to the real world.

I am hoping to have a new website launched very soon. I hope you all will visit it often and invite others to come along and share the experience. Take care all of you and until next time, I remain,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family going to the beach for a few days

Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are having a fantastic day. Well some family members are going to the beach for a few days. I choose not to go and take Mama. Don't want to take her that far away from home anymore. They came by to make sure Mama and I were okay--we are.

Now, why won't the Donald go after creating jobs and give out some good tips on the budget situation. He says he's brilliant. I just want to say, give it a rest Donald, the birth certificate situation appears to be settled. He is still questioning how the president got into those Ivy League schools. His opinion was affirmative action. I like the Donald but I'd also like for him to give it a rest.

That's all for now. Will check with you all later.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aretha Franklin will perform on The View on Thursday

Hello All,

Hope everyone is doing fine and is having a blessed day. Mama and I are great.

To all you Aretha Franklyn fans, she will be performing on The View on Thursday of this week, ABC(Channel 5 for me) at 11:00 am. I can't wait to see her. As always, she will be AWESOME!!!!!!!

Until next time, I am bless; you be as well.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful Easter Sunday spent with family and friends

Hello you guys,

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter with your family and friends. I certainly did. I got Mama up, fed and dressed and two of my brothers, their wives, some of their children and grandchildren and other friends came to the house after church. I had the kids to promise that they would show Mama and I their Easter outfits. They all looked really nice. After the kids changed into their casual clothing, we got involved in our family traditional Easter Egg hunt. The kids were running around, giggling as they chased each other and found eggs. They were having such fun that I decided to join in and I managed to find two eggs myself. The kids felt badly for me and gave me two extra eggs so I shared them with my friend.

Later that afternoon when Mama and were alone, she took a nap and I turned on the computer and did some work on a script, sent some e-mails, made some Facebook posts and afterwards, I took a much needed nap also. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed it with family and friends. I hope your day was as good or even better. Until next time, God bless.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Watching the rain fall and caressed the Azales Bushes

Hello everyone,
This has been the most relaxing day. Decided to spend most of it with Mama, giving her lots of attention. After Mama and I got up this and got ready for our day, we went into the foyer, opened the front door and I sat on the floor next to Mama's chair in front of the outside glass door and we watched the rain fall on the Azales bushes, the Dogwood trees and the grass. It was lovely. Later, we had a nice meal and early evening, my brother brought us a great salad.

Take care you all until next time. Mama and I are going to watch the Celtics play New York.

Leigh & Mama

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My sister is visiting from Atl

My sister is visiting from ATL and we, as always, have been having the best time. Her grandson had a birthday party at Chucky Cheese on Saturday early afternoon and my brother who retired from the Army after 25+ years was given a Retirement Party that evening. Mama and I are doing well. I am thinking about taking her for a little ride tomorrow if the weather is good. Until we talk again, take care and be blessed.

Minnie Dix aka Leigh McKnight

Favorite team

My favorite team, The Boston Celtics won their game tonight over the 76ers. Go Celtics. I'm still packing up books to be shipped to my distributor in Florida. They ordered 150 copies of my children's books, The Oak Trees That Talk(one book for each season and Belcher, The 10th Reindeer).

Mama eats two dinners so I'm about to feed her a light meal. She tends to sleep better when she has a full stomach. Take care you all and I will be talking with you soon.

Minnie Dix aka Leigh McKnight