Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Thanksgiving & Christmas without Mama

Hello all, This is my fourth blog since losing Mama. My mother, Mrs. Ruby Dix left us to be with the Lord and my dad on June 13, 2012. That was the most devastating day of my life and this is my first time writing about it. About a week before Mama left us, my sister and I took Mama to Myrtle Beach and tho Mama had Alzheimer's disease, we could tell she enjoyed the trip there and back and the days when we were in the hotel. We stayed at a nice hotel on the 6th floor overlooking the ocean. Each morning we opened the drapes and the door and propped Mama up on pillows in the Murphy bed. The three of us never did make it to the bed rooms. My sister slept on the sofa and Mama and I sleep in the Murphy bed and enjoyed the breezes coming off the ocean. Everytime we looked at Mama, she would turn her head away from the ocean,look at us and smile. It appeared that enjoyment registered in her eyes. The one thing we did know for sure was that everything about Myrtle Beach and the stay appeared to agree with Mama. When we got Mama ready for bed at night, she would sleep throughout the night only to wake when we did so to take care of her. After which she would go right back to sleep. I am so glad my sister and I decided on that week to vacation with Mama because we will never get that physical chance to do so again. It was so special, so great. On the way to the beach, everytime I would take a curve a little to fast or hit a bump, Mama would open her eyes, look out the window and then look at me. A few times we could hear her utter, uuuum. She was just to funny, some of the things she did. We are experiencing a number of firsts as most people do. This was our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Mama and all I can say is we are grateful that God brought us through it. This was the first Christmas that we didn't have Christmas dinner at Mama's house in all the days of my life. My siblings had dinner in their home. I left my home on Christmas morning and drove to ATL to spend time with her and her family. It was bitter/sweet. I am just so glad that God allowed us to have Mama, her care of us and our care of her for that time we had each other and I know that God has Mama in His arms now and she is in wonderful care. I don't know where we would be if we didn't believe that Mama was with God and our Daddy. We thank You, Lord. Thank you for reading this blog and blessings to you always. Minnie Dix aka Leigh McKnight

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  1. Hi Leigh, just read your post about your last holidays with Mama. I can't believe how similar our stories are. I too took my mom to Myrtle Beach and we sat near the edge of the ocean and watched the tides go in and out. My mom enjoyed the ocean. She left me too in 2012. You will never forget those special moments. When I find myself missing her so much I remember that day at the beach and it makes me smile. God bless you this Holiday Season. Our Mama's are smiling down upon us.